Is There Middle Ground Between Organic And Conventional? | Valley News

The source of a molecule does not determine any of its properties. The World Health Organization classifies some organic pesticides, such as rotenone, as more hazardous than some synthetics, such as fenoxycarb. And the least-toxic class includes compounds commonly used in both organic (spinosad, Bt) and conventional (glyphosate, atrazine) farming. Although synthetic pesticides have certainly done damage (think DDT), Coats points out that arsenic, strychnine and mercury all of them naturally occurring have been used in agriculture. Every toxicologist or environmental scientist Ive ever spoken with says the idea that natural substances are inherently better for planet or people than synthetic ones is simply false. But that doesnt mean the natural/synthetic distinction is silly or meaningless. Far from it.
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Corning’s Merola tops 2014 team – Sports – The Leader – Corning, NY

The change has fostered a greater need for high-efficiency, mechanized soil sampling. Farmers applying manure are required to better document whats in their soil, particularly phosphorus and potassium. Moore says valid soil tests help complete the Iowa Phosphorous Index document. He says a farmer needs 25 to 35 cores per sample to be statistically significant for phosphorus. The AutoProbe machine helps with the process. Moore uses the AutoProbe to pull 20 to 40 cores per sample.
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Precision-ag trends

Taylor Mathis, midfield, Corning Mathis showed off an innate ability to dodge defenders and set herself up for easy goals. A U.S. Lacrosse All-American and first-team Section IV all-star selection, Mathis proved to be a lethal scorer in 2014, registering 51 goals and 5 assists. Much of her success centered around a slippery style that made her difficult to defend. So. Crystal Powers, attack, Horseheads Powers played a pivotal role in Horseheads offense in 2014 and just a sophomore, she figures to be a cornerstone for the program moving forward.
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